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🎙️ VMPro Podcast Episode #001: Special Launch Episode, Welcome to Van Marciano Pro!

Fabrizio Van Marciano

Podcast Script + Show Notes

What is going on guys, welcome to the first episode of the Van Marciano Pro podcast here on Van Marciano Dot Pro. My name is Fabrizio Van Marciano and I will be your host for this episode, so let’s dive right into it.

So here we are, the official launch of Van Marciano Pro and I’m super excited about this venture. Although the platform is up we’ve still got a lot of tweaking and improvements to add to the site, content, and other features.

One thing I recommend doing, if you find this episode and of course the FREE content on our site useful, be sure to sign up for my email updates (the link takes you to my sister site Fabrizio Van Marciano Dot Com) for when we release new episodes and also new tutorials on our various channels including YouTube, and the FVM Blog.

One more thing, you can follow me on X for timely updates, and also on Facebook and Instagram, all links are in the show notes for this episode (below).

X (Twiiter)

Right then, let’s get this show underway, since this is the first episode, I’m going to take the opportunity to welcome you properly to the new platform. I’ll talk about what you can expect to find here at Van Marciano Dot Pro, and what is coming in the future. Again, I’m excited as this project has been in the planning and then in the works since the end of summer of last year, 2023.

So here we are, the official launch of Van Marciano Pro. My brand new membership platform consolidates my visual design courses using Oxygen Builder, and Bricks Builder, and at some point in the future, I’ll be adding Breakdance to the list too.

Now, let me talk a bit about the courses featured here first. So I have several WordPress visual design courses which are: The Oxygen Builder 5.0 Course, which is now complete and includes the WooCommerce and LearnDash project modules. So if you’re thinking about creating an online course with WordPress, Oxygen, and LearnDash, I highly recommend checking out the new modules in the Oxygen Builder 5.0 Course, if you’re already subscribed or have access, if not then consider signing up.

So in my courses, I don’t just teach how to use these amazing tools and all the features and whatnot, but also share my design techniques, and my workflow when working with various plugins and technologies with Bricks or Oxygen.

So the Oxygen and LearnDash module will teach you how to build an awesome course website like the one I have over at FVM courses, and also the courses hosted on Van Marciano Pro.

So now let’s move to the Bricks Builder 2.0 Course, which is the next big project I’ve been slowly working on, which is upgrading from my 2023 version of the course.

My approach to creating this course has been different from the 2023 Bricks Builder Course, which for the most part, is still a valuable course. So again, in the 2023 Bricks Builder Course, I teach how to build a beautiful, responsive Holiday Property Booking website.

But version 2.0 of the Bricks Course offers a new approach to building WordPress websites visually and combines the use of third-party technologies like WPCodeBox (which is a code snippets management plugin) and of course WooCommerce, ACSS, MetaBox, and MemberPress as course modules.

The Bricks 2.0 Course will be broken up into multiple modules. So the first is the Bricks Builder Basics which covers all of the native options and features of Bricks and how to use them. This is followed by Project Modules that dive into building various types of websites with Bricks. These include a holiday property booking website (once again), a personal brand website, and a health food online store using WooCommerce, coming later this year.

As far as course structure goes, there are still things we can improve with the content so that will be something we’ll do during the summer hopefully – We want to make the course content more streamlined, so there needs to be a more efficient way to go through each of the topics.

Van Marciano Pro Benefits

OK, so I’ve talked about the courses and you can find all of the courses by navigating to ‘courses’ in the main menu. Now, if you’re not a member or you’re not logged into the site you will not see the courses in the main menu, OK, so just be aware of that. None of the member’s features are visible in the main menu unless you are logged in. When you are logged out you’ll see the main menu, when you are logged in, you’ll see the members menu.

Expert tutorials

So, the benefits of being a member aside from our courses that currently have over 200 video lessons combined. We’re launching expert tutorials, and these will be various WordPress tutorials using a variety of tools and plugins including Bricks, Oxygen, ACSS, BricksForge, LearnDash, Piotnet Forms, WPCodeBox, MetaBox, and again, like the courses, we’ll be going through and streamlining the tutorials and add two new video tutorials every week! That is our goal.


The podcast is also a new feature that is accessible to everyone, not just the members, although we will have members-only episodes on occasion. You can expect an exciting new episode every two weeks, at least for the rest of 2024.


So next I want to talk about ‘Showcase!’ – This will be the Ultimate and Ultimate Lifetime member’s only feature where I will share some behind-the-scenes videos of projects and website builds I’m working on, both for personal and work. Some of the showcase videos will be posted on my YouTube channel occasionally.

Templates + Design Sets

Alright so next I’d to talk about templates and design sets. For some time now I’ve been working on a small handful of templates and design sets using both Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder, and while I finalize these, I hope to have them ready in a new library that will be available on the first of April. The library will include design sets and templates from the websites created in the courses.


Lastly, we have support for tutorials, courses, and the new Discord community! These are part of the Pro and Ultimate Members plans and what I hope to be able to do in time is bring a small community together focused on sharing ideas, providing additional support to other members, getting feedback on projects, and things like that. As for the Facebook group, Samantha and I have plans to get the community to engage more.

Launch Promo

So as you can imagine this being our super duper launch week, we’re hosting a discount week for our Ultimate Plan (Quarterly, Yearly, and Lifetime). New subscribers can save 20% off the regular price when they sign up for Ultimate, of course, the best savings are the Lifetime Deal which we’re only running for a limited time.

The promo code is LAUNCH24 and is only available for the first 20 new Ultimate Plan subscribers, so be sure not to miss out, because we have a massive year of new content coming up here at Van Marciano Pro.

FVM Course Members (All Access)

Before I wrap this episode up, I want to remind everyone that all FVM Course (All-Course Access Members) can redeem their special invite coupon code in the checkout and get access to Ultimate Lifetime for free. The coupon code will give you 100% off but please make sure you select the Lifetime Ultimate and not yearly, otherwise, you will end up only receiving 1-year’s access. Remember this is only for All Courses Access Members of FVM Courses, not single course members. The upgrade to the All Access Plan for single course members has now expired. So if you’re an All-Courses member at FVM Courses, you can find your special invite code in the member’s dashboard for the FVM Courses website here.

OK so that’s it, it’s a wrap! I hope you found this episode insightful if nothing else, and if you want to join Van Marciano Pro, you can sign up via the pricing page. We have a 14-day money-back guarantee policy, so I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

If you have any questions we have a FAQ section beneath the pricing page and a live chat where I can answer all of your pre-sales and design-related questions if you’re already a member. Until the next episode, which will be about in a week’s time, take it easy.

Fabrizio Van Marciano
Founder of Van Marciano Pro

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