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Visual Web Design Courses, Tutorials + Resources

Learn how to create beautiful WordPress websites with Oxygen, Bricks Builder and Breakdance. Access 200+ course topic videos, expert WordPress tutorials, templates, and code snippets. Join our private Discord and Facebook communities for extra support. Join us now!

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Van Marciano Pro Membership - Visual web design courses, expert WordPress tutorials, templates, and a design-driven community*

Elevate your web presence by signing up for one of my pro membership packages, and learn to craft stunning WordPress sites that convert using visual design tools like Bricks Builder, Oxygen Builder, Breakdance, Piotnet Forms, ACSS, WPCodeBox, Meta Box, LearnDash, and more.

Is this you?

You are...

Tired of aimlessly searching for a comprehensive web design course focused on Oxygen or Bricks Builder?
Tired of scouring YouTube and blogs for current and  beginner-friendly and easy-to-follow WordPress tutorials?
Looking for a simpler way to craft visually appealing and responsive WordPress sites with minimal coding?
Aspiring to become a freelance web designer working with WordPress website builder tools?
Looking for a design-driven community where you can receive valuable expert feedback on your projects?
In search of boundless creative freedom and inspiring concepts for your next exciting web design project?


If you checked YES! for all of the boxes above, then you've arrived at the right place. We've spent many months crafting a very special membership platform here, offering our best Oxygen and Bricks Builder courses, each designed to guide you, step-by-step, to crafting clean responsive WordPress websites using a streamlined workflow. Take a look below to see what we offer!

design-driven community

What members have to say!

Become a part of our small but growing community comprising over 100 members within our closed Facebook group. Explore our recently launched private Discord community, where you can freely exchange ideas, seek assistance for your projects, and contribute to the learning journey of others in crafting WordPress websites.
Enjoying the course so far. What sells it though is Fabrizio's professional speaking voice. A pure asset over anything out there. Class!


I just want to say that I bought your course and I'm absolutely delighted with it. Thank you for doing such a great job creating it. Can't wait for the updates to come.


I was overwhelmed by all of the features of Bricks Builder, Fabrizio's course was the best investment I made after Bricks. He is a great course instructor and provides exceptional support too. Can't recommend enough!


visual design courses

Take your WordPress design to the next level

Oxygen, Bricks Builder, and Breakdance stand out as WordPress's premier visual web design tools. With over fourteen years of experience working with WordPress and page builders to craft websites, my courses are designed to teach you how to build performant, responsive websites with minimal effort, using an optimized method to speed up your workflow.
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Frequently updated courses

We actively strive to refresh course topics and videos every week to keep the content relevant.

100+ hours of HD video lessons

Learn by following along with detailed video instructions. Learn quickly or at your own pace.

Progressive web design projects

Each course includes several visual website design projects for you to delve into.

HTML, CSS, & JS Code Snippets

Topics include copy-and-paste code snippets for integration into your projects.

Downloadable Media Kits & Assets

Course projects contain media kits that come with logos, images, graphics, and additional elements.

Support with course topics and videos

Benefit from more than 14 years of expertise in WordPress and website builders – you're in capable hands.

Learn to build an online store

Craft a striking and mobile-friendly online store with our WooCommerce design course!

Create customized web forms

Learn to create and deploy conversion-optimized forms on your website with Piotnet Forms.

Learn to use add-on plugins

Learn to use plugins like ACSS, WPCodeBox, Meta Box, BricksForge, and more to enhance your website.

expert wordpress tutorials

Extend your knowledge of WordPress 

Learn how to leverage powerful plugins such as LearnDash, MemberPress, WooCommerce, WPForms, Piotnet Forms, SureCart, SureMembers, and many, others to enhance the functionality of your WordPress site, with expertly crafted tutorials

Bricks Builder

Bricks stand out as a top-tier visual website builder tool for WordPress. Our library of Bricks tutorials are crafted carefully, suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Check out our blog for the latest Bricks tutorial videos.

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen retains the top spot as my preferred visual builder for WordPress. Our curated collection of tutorials caters to novice and advanced users, guiding you through crafting stunning websites using Oxygen Builder.


Excited about using Breakdance for your WordPress website? Great news! We've begun incorporating Breakdance video tutorials into our blog. Visit our blog to catch the latest updates. We'll be adding a new tutorial each week.


WPCodeBox is a complete code snippet creation and management tool that works seamlessly with visual builders like Bricks and Oxygen. We have a selection of video tutorials to help you make the most of this plugin.

Expertly, Crafted
WordPress Tutorials

We're adding two new tutorials each week to the library. Our goal is not to create hundreds of mediocre written tutorials but the high-quality, well produced, video tutorials with step-by-step instructions and packed with knowledge and resources.
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LearnDash LMS

Having built several online courses, including Van Marciano Pro, we have dedicated tutorials and a complete course module on creating an online course platform using Oxygen and LearnDash!


SureCart is one of the best alternatives for WooCommerce. We are developing several in-depth tutorials that cover implementing SureCart into your WordPress site for selling digital products.


MemberPress is a popular membership management plugin for WordPress. It offers many useful features for setting up a membership site. Our tutorials and guides will help you make the most of this tool.


Access beautifully crafted pro templates

🎉 We've just launched our templates + design sets library!

Oxygen Builder Templates

Access to the Mr. Freelance 2.0 and course website templates as featured in our Oxygen Builder 5.0 course!

Templates are only available to Ultimate membership plans. We will be adding more templates to the library throughout 2024.

Bricks Builder Templates

We are launching the Holiday Villa Booking website templates as featured in our Bricks Builder legacy courses in May.

Templates are only available to Ultimate membership plans. We will be adding more templates to the library throughout 2024.

Learn to create the website of your dreams with almost ZERO coding!

Expert tutorials

Expertly crafted tutorials covering a range of WordPress tools, plugins and applications.

Pro courses

Value-packed visual web design video courses using Oxygen and Bricks Builder.

Pro templates

Pro crafted clean and responsive templates and design kits for Oxygen and Bricks.

Code snippets

Over 100 copy-and-paste HTML, CSS, JS code snippets to use in your projects.